About Drivernetics: How Drivernetics Can Help Your Business and Who’s Behind It

Drivernetics’ purpose is to provide education, impartial advice and assistance for fleet operators in order to achieve the most effective, efficient and economical management of driver behaviour.

What sets Drivernetics apart is that it is a genuinely independent and impartial driver behaviour specialist business. Unlike other companies that may appear, at first glance, to be doing the same thing, Drivernetics is not a thinly-disguised marketing vehicle being used to promote products or services.

Not like the driver training people
…but Drivernetics can help you to get any necessary training—and only what’s necessary—in the most effective and economical way.

Not like the fleet management people
…but Drivernetics can help you to influence your drivers so they behave in a manner that optimises your fleet operations.

Not like the risk management people
…but Drivernetics can help you and your drivers to understand and minimise the risks in your fleet.

Not like the driver behaviour research academics
…but Drivernetics can help you to understand the science of driver behaviour while keeping a firm focus on real-world applications of that knowledge.

Who’s behind Drivernetics?

Drivernetics is a lean operation. It’s basically me, the founder, David Nickerson, with specialists and experts engaged as necessary on projects. I’m committed to helping fleets to be much more effective in managing driver behaviour.

There’s still a general lack of understanding of driver behaviour in business, which suppliers of training and other products continue to exploit. Consequently, one of my main roles is helping clients to get a much better deal from suppliers in this field. This is seen as a contrarian stance by the service industry, as I advise my clients not to make redundant purchases and to be very selective and precise in the purchases they do make.

If you’d like to learn why I believe I’m uniquely qualified to perform this role, and to find out how I arrived at the Drivernetics approach to managing driver behaviour, please see The Drivernetics Story.

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