Driver Behaviour Management Courses in Development

I’m currently developing a range of training products and coaching services for managers to enable them to understand and implement effective management of driver behaviour in their organisations.

Why I’m developing these courses

When I work with larger companies I provide in-house training and coaching for their managers as part of consulting projects.  Such in-house training and coaching is not cost-effective for smaller companies. Hence the need for open-access training for individual managers from smaller businesses.

Some larger businesses may prefer to delegate one or two managers to develop the necessary expertise to manage driver behaviour and then handle everything as an internal project, rather than bring in outside assistance.

Whether they are from large or small businesses, these managers require specialised training and personalised coaching. They don’t want an academic education in the subject; they want to learn the “nuts and bolts” of managing driver behaviour.

How the training will work

Training will be modular. Each module explains a major strategy, and then provides the tactical tools and methods to implement that strategy. Putting the strategies together leads to total management of driver behaviour.

The training will be accessed on-line, and delivered through a variety of media: video and audio; text documents and checklists; flowcharts and mindmaps; links to resources and providers.


I envisage a variety of options as follows (but these may change in accordance with customer feedback):

  1. On-line self-study only. All the training materials for you to work through at your own pace.
  2. Face-to-face group seminar training. This is for students who prefer to learn in a group “classroom” environment. Depending on demand, this may be delivered on a national or regional basis. Students who choose this option will also have access to all the materials in option 1.
  3. Option 1 plus email coaching. At any point throughout your studies you’ll be able to email me with questions and to discuss the implementation of what you’ve learned in your business.
  4. Option 2 plus email coaching. Same deal as option 3. The email coaching option is particularly valuable between module seminars.
  5. Option 3 or 4 plus periodic “mastermind” meet-ups. Get together with fellow students and graduates, find out what’s working—or not working—in other businesses, and contribute to the growing body of “at the coal-face” practical applications of the science of driver behaviour.

How you can contribute—and get a special “early adopter” price

I want to make sure that this package is as useful and user-friendly as it can be. So I’m asking for your help.

Would you be personally interested in a range of training resources in the management of driver behaviour such as I’ve described above? Is it something you would like somebody else in your business to undertake in order to develop these valuable skills?

I have my ideas about what might be most valuable for you to learn but what really matters is what you want to learn…

What are your problems that you want to be able to solve? What are your biggest frustrations?

What aspects of driver behaviour have you found to be most difficult to change for the better?

Also I’d like you to tell me how you prefer to learn…

Do you find that on-line, self-paced learning works for you, or do you prefer to attend face-to-face training seminars?

Do you like training manuals, study documents and checklists, or do you prefer video presentations or audio? My intention is to provide a mix of media but it’s useful to know if potential students tend to favour particular delivery methods.

If you’d be willing to spend some time completing a questionnaire that will help me to prepare the course, and give me feedback as you work through the initial version of the course, I’ll put you on the “co-developer” list of customers who will be offered the training at 50% off the price that everyone else pays. If I make any substantial changes as a result of student feedback, I’ll send you the upgraded course for free.

You’ll save money but you’ll also know that you helped to make the product as useful as possible for people just like you.

If that’s something you’d like to do, please send me an email with Courses in Development in the subject line and I’ll send you the questionnaire. Thanks.

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