Driver Behaviour Consulting: Introduction

You can learn a good deal about the problems, benefits and methods of managing driver behaviour from the free information that you can access from this site. And the forthcoming training and coaching from Drivernetics will enable you to develop the skills to manage driver behaviour in your business yourself.

But you may prefer to have closer and more personal involvement… you’d like an outsider’s view of things… someone to look at your situation in an objective way… someone to ask the important (and perhaps blunt) questions… someone whose only interest is in helping you to get the best possible results in the most effective, efficient and economical way, with no other agenda. You want a consultant.

Because I handle all consulting myself it’s in limited supply. I want to use my time as productively as possible, and I want to see positive results from my work as much as my clients do. Therefore I have to be selective in choosing to work with the right clients: those who are open-minded and really want to make a difference and not settle for the same old, same old. There’s no point in wasting my time on clients who resist being helped in behavioural development.

I’ve had many years of consulting experience (see The Drivernetics Story) and I draw on the skills of experienced associates and subject specialists as required. I recognise that clients want problems solved, challenges met and stress relieved. Results are what matter. All the fancy methodology in the world is worth nothing if it doesn’t get results (and often the best results come from the simplest methods—but most people in this game don’t want you to know that).

There’s a load of information regarding my consulting on this website so that potential clients can judge whether it might be worth making contact. You can access these various pages on consulting from the CONSULTING tab on the menu bar at the top of the page, or by following the links at the end of each page.

But before you click on any other of those pages, it’s important that you read my “rules.” Because, if you’re not comfortable with what’s there, I’m not the consultant for you.

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