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In order to get an overview of this whole issue of managing driver behaviour in business the best place to start is with my 45-page Special Report How to Manage Driver Behaviour and Not Get Taken for a Ride: Costs, Causes, Dead Ends, and What Works.

If you’ve read that and want to know more, or you’d like to dip a toe in the water first, on this page you’ll find links to a selection of articles about driver behaviour. I’ll add more from time to time; if you want to be notified, subscribe to the email list.

Some of these articles are about managing driver behaviour, some deal with effective ways to change behaviour, some look at the science of driver behaviour, and some reveal what’s wrong with common ways to address the issue.

What? Before Who? Before How?—and Why? Before Everything

Successfully managing driver behaviour is mostly about asking the right questions. Here’s a few to think about.

“If All You Have Is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail”

Training is not a universal solution. Far from it…

How Pareto’s Law Applies to Managing Driver Behaviour

Effective management of driver behaviour in your business depends on your understanding of how Pareto’s Law—or the 80/20 rule—applies to fleets and to individual drivers.

Conversations With Managers Who Just Don’t “Get It”

Of course, my real purpose in presenting these conversations is to help you to “get it.”

“Best Safety Lies in Fear” (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 3)

Shakespeare had a better understanding of the connection between safety and skill than many present-day road safety professionals.

Correlation Does Not Imply Causality

A quick lesson in scientific thinking that can help you to avoid having the wool pulled over your eyes.

The “Gun to the Head” Test

A simple test (no actual firearms involved) that separates those who can’t do from those who won’t do.

Stop It!

A Roman poet, Bob Newhart and Nassim Nicholas Taleb dispense wisdom on the power of not doing stuff.

Do Your Drivers Know How They’re Expected to Behave?

Well, do they? Drivers in exceptional fleets do.

Learn One Thing At a Time

If training is an appropriate intervention, here’s how to make sure that it’s as effective as possible.

Most Driver Behaviour Research Sucks

While some excellent studies have made valuable contributions to our knowledge of driver behaviour, there’s also a lot of bad science in the field. These are my thoughts on what’s wrong with a lot of driver behaviour research (it’s quite a long rant).

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