You seem to be somewhat picky about whom you’ll work with. So who’s your ideal client?

If I appear to be picky, that impression is absolutely accurate.

There are thousands of businesses that depend on employees’ driving, and there’s just little old me. So it’s inevitable that there are many more businesses I can’t work with than those I can.

I think it’s important that I don’t lose opportunities to work with ideal clients through wasting my time on the wrong kind of client. So what’s the wrong kind?

There are various characteristics which, if displayed, encourage me to run in the opposite direction…

  • A bureaucratic mindset (often manifest in standardised requests for proposals or tender documents)
  • Decisions made by committees instead of a visionary leader
  • Interventions implemented as a box-ticking exercise to achieve “compliance” rather than to satisfy the desire for genuine improvement
  • A disinterested and unmotivated workforce with no enthusiasm for quality
  • Ditto for many of the managers

And my ideal client?

Apart from being the opposite of the wrong kind of client described above, the ideal client could be of any size and operate in pretty much any industry. Rather than conforming to a particular profile, what determines whether a client is ideal is the degree to which I believe I can help that client to achieve outstanding results for modest outlay, i.e. to realise the best return on investment.

In order to achieve outstanding results, the ideal client must display the following qualities at all levels of the organisation from leadership through management to front-line workers:

  • Pursuit of quality
  • Clarity about results
  • Flexibility with regard to means
  • Responsibility and authority to make decisions

Such clients are to be found in the minority of businesses with fleets.

If you think that your business could be an ideal client, why not set up a no-obligation initial strategy session?

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