If we decide to make a start on this, where do we start?

The best place to start is on a personal level. It’s essential that all the key people who will be involved in implementing a programme of managing driver behaviour get really clear on why managing driver behaviour is so important. That fundamental understanding will then act to drive the programme along. I suggest that the most convenient way to get that understanding of why it’s so important is to read my free Special Report and discuss it with colleagues.

On a practical level, the starting point with managing driver behaviour in your business is to do a full analysis of your current situation. You need to examine policies and procedures that may affect driver behaviour, and uncover motivations, incentives and disincentives that influence drivers, especially those that lurk “below the water-line.”

And you’ll need to assess individual drivers, particularly to establish their competence. Then you can identify those drivers who are currently not capable of performing to the required standard (and who may respond to training) and, perhaps more importantly, those drivers who are not doing what they’re capable of doing (and who will need something other than training to influence their behaviour).

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