Why should we do business with you instead of, for example, one of the well-known driver training companies?

In a word: impartiality. There’s a whole page on this in my CONSULTING section.

And in two more words: big picture. I’m interested in the whole process of managing driver behaviour from initial analysis, through optimisation of interventions, to the maintenance of improvements.

I think it’s unlikely that you’d find either characteristic to the same degree in driver training companies. You’re more likely to find narrow advice that’s biased towards what they want to sell you, which is only natural.

It’s important to appreciate that the major focus of driver training companies is the delivery of a service in volume. Despite whatever impressions they may choose to convey, they’re not really all that interested in analysis and they’re most unlikely to suggest the many ways in which you can take self-directed actions that may prove equally or more effective than using their services. ivermectin dosage dogs

Speaking as someone who has run a fleet driver training business in the 90s, and who has done a lot of contract work and consulting with other training companies, I know that the basic business model of a fleet driver training business is that of a manpower booking agency. Most driver trainers are freelance contractors; the fleet training company gets its revenue from the markup between what it pays the trainer and what it charges the customer. Just as with theatrical agencies, there’s obviously an incentive to get as many gigs for your “performers” as possible. ivermectin uk for dogs The few exceptions that employ their trainers want to achieve full utilisation of their staff; they don’t want to pay them to sit idle.

I have no vested interest in how much or how little training you purchase from “booking agents.” But I can help you to purchase any necessary training in an optimum manner (which may include bypassing the agency and hiring trainers directly) and make sure that it’s accurately targeted on the right people. ivermectin strongyloides larvicidal

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