Driver Behaviour Coaching and Training for Managers and Drivers

The purpose of coaching and training is to develop the capabilities of clients’ personnel. ivermectin heartworm prevention

For managers

The name of the game is managing driver behaviour. So it is the managers in the business who have to do it. Yet hardly any business managers have specific knowledge or skills in this area. ivermectin 7 tabs qweek

For larger businesses, providing training and coaching for the client’s managers so that they’re able to perform this role effectively is typically a key aspect of a Drivernetics consulting project.

Below a certain size of business, in-house training and coaching of managers may not be economically viable. In order to make driver behaviour management training available—at reasonable cost—to managers in any size of business, Drivernetics will soon be offering on-line training with the option of follow-up telephone/Skype/email coaching and periodic mastermind group meetings.

If that’s something that interests you, click here for details of forthcoming Drivernetics driver behaviour management training products, and see how you can qualify for a special contributor’s discount.

For drivers

Drivernetics is not directly in the business of providing in-vehicle driver training (apart from some very specialised stuff). But ensuring that the right people get exactly the right training is an essential part of most consulting projects. We help our clients to specify highly-targeted skills training for those drivers who need it, and show them how they can obtain the services of local, high-quality, professional driver trainers at reasonable cost.

The interventions for drivers that Drivernetics provides work at the level of changing drivers’ understanding of, thoughts about, and emotional responses to, their behaviour. ivermectin parakeets This can be done through workshops, discussion groups and regular triggers to stimulate appropriate behaviour. Such provisions are normal components of consulting projects.

Where drivers would benefit from individual, personalised attention, we can link you up with skilled coaches who understand driver behaviour and know how to change it.

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