Are You a Supplier?

I always try to recommend the best products and services to my clients. While I’m familiar with a lot of what’s out there, I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve missed. دانيل الفيش And I welcome the opportunity to get to know suppliers and their offerings in more depth. حساب كاش يو So…

If you’re a supplier of a product or service that is useful in managing driver behaviour (training, telematics, software, psychometrics, in-vehicle camera systems, driver safety aids, etc. سباق خيول ), please contact me. I hope to be able to review what you have to offer and to discuss its range of possible applications with you.

I would particularly like to hear from businesses or individual specialists who can provide:

  • Training delivered to specific briefs and with results measured against set competencies
  • Means of measuring driving behaviour over time
  • Means of providing feedback to drivers on their behaviour
  • Driver aids that trigger appropriate driver behaviour
  • Assessment or profiling instruments that have a sound scientific foundation
  • Insurers who want to work with fleets that actively manage driver behaviour
  • Fleet management software that either includes driver behaviour metrics or that is amenable to their inclusion

Please note that I don’t accept advertising. I recommend only those products and services that can provide true value to clients and that I believe to be the best of their type.

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