Frequently Asked Questions About Managing Driver Behaviour

Please note that many of the questions listed below are addressed and answered more fully in my free report How to Manage Driver Behaviour and Not Get Taken for a Ride: Costs, Causes, Dead Ends, and What Works and in my articles.

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Click on the questions below to see my answers. taking ivermectin horse paste for scabies

This driver behaviour lark looks like a lot of bother. It won’t be so bad if we do nothing, will it?

But if we do get involved in all this stuff, won’t there be a lot of expense and effort?

I’m afraid that this may be rather complicated. Will we be able to make this work throughout the organisation?

If we decide to make a start on this, where do we start?

What’s the most common mistake that businesses make in their attempts to manage driver behaviour?

So are you saying that we do or we don’t need driver training?

Have you got something against driver training?

Why should we listen to you? How do we know that you know what you’re talking about?

Why should we do business with you instead of, for example, one of the well-known driver training companies?

Why is the information on this site so different from everybody else’s stuff?

Why are you giving away so much free information?

Who can benefit from what you provide? Are there any geographic restrictions?

You seem to be somewhat picky about whom you’ll work with. So who’s your ideal client?

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