This driver behaviour lark looks like a lot of bother. It won’t be so bad if we do nothing, will it?

Making improvements in anything involves some “bother.” The question is whether it’s worth bothering. The consensus amongst the majority of businesses would seem to be that it’s not worth the bother (I suspect that many of them never consider the issue at all). But that’s the mediocre majority, the 80%; they’re not my audience; they won’t be reading this anyway.

Just looking at financial waste alone, there’s a massive difference between companies with vehicle fleets that do nothing and those that have solid management of driver behaviour. I analyse the costs of dysfunctional driver behaviour and the differences in those costs between the best- and worst-performing fleets on pages 8–15 of the free Special Report.

In addition there are all the less-tangible benefits that are enjoyed by the top performers and denied to those who do nothing.

So one can state categorically that doing nothing is a pretty bad idea.

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